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2022. 5. 16. · Will also apply the Bless spell to up to (2, 3, 4) other friendly targets within 4 tiles of target (will prioritize player's controlled creatures first) Fireball: 2, 3, 4 The first time spell is cast every (60, 40, 20) seconds it will inflict an additional 300% of final spell damage to target over 15 seconds ... About UO Outlands Wiki;. The title of the quest is Defying the Arcane and the reward is the blessed Bracelet of Resilience. 30 - 120: Hew Haven. Unarmed, target several Spectral Spellbinders. The more that are casting on you, the faster you can gain. Magery Spell Spell: Bless Spell Circle: 3rd Circle Mana Cost: 9 mana: Duration ((caster Eval Int / 5) + 1 ) * 6 seconds Casting Delay: 1 seconds Skill (min) 10.1.

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